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About Us

Who we are

As a charitable and non-governmental organization, we work to support the education of children and adolescents who drop out of school due to poverty or the absence of a responsible guardian. We have placed the three guiding principles of wisdom, kindness, and dignity at the forefront of our activities to accomplish this aim.

To this end, Darolekram offers five services (health and treatment, living expenses, education, psychology, entrepreneurship, and employment) to reduce the number of students living in challenging circumstances.

What services do we offer?

Five services

Educational services

At Darolekram, our main objective is to provide our students with educational opportunities. To accomplish this aim, we provide our students with various services, including scholarships based on academic evaluation, participation in programs and extracurricular activities, and attendance at educational workshops and classes. Our scholarships are available to students in elementary school through to diploma degrees

Livelihood Services

In addition to educational services, we also provides basic commodities to students and their families as part of our commitment to supporting our community.

Social Work & Psychological Services

We offers support to students through our team of social workers and psychologists, who are available to identify and help solve any problems that students and their families may be experiencing. Our team is trained to provide counseling, guidance, and other forms of support to help students overcome challenges and succeed in their academic pursuits.

Health Services

One of the key services offered by Darolekram is comprehensive medical care. Upon enrollment, students and their families undergo a comprehensive medical examination and testing by specialized physicians and dentists. This enables us to identify any health concerns and provide the necessary treatment and support. Specialist physicians administer annual checkups and follow-up care to students based on the results of this examination and a social worker’s report.

Employment & Entrepreneurship Services

At Darolekram, we strive to provide students with specialized training and employment opportunities for their families. This service is essential to our mission to assist children and adolescents with financial difficulties. Our training programs equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in various fields.

How Do We Work?

We are dedicated to offering scholarships to eligible students who pass our 6-step assessment process.

These monthly financial aids are made possible by the generosity of Darolekram’s donors and are deposited directly into the students’ accounts.

Introducing eligible students through the “Bemehrbani” website

Beginning the process of assessing the student’s conditions

Step 1

Involving the trusted volunteers or branch experts to identify, verify, record, and create a case on the “Bemehrbani website”

Step 2

Case evaluation by the approval committee

Step 3

Assigning a social worker

Step 4

Signing the scholarship contract.

Step 5

Attracting sponsors and admitting students into the scholarship cycle

Step 6

Including Darolekram’s founders and members in the process of providing standard services to students

Please click the catalog button for more information on the institute’s activities and procedures.


Survival of the earth requires the strength of our thoughts and willpower.

What Is Our Goal?

Until now, we have identified over 7500 students through 25 branches in more than 100 cities and have provided scholarships and five services.


We aim to provide appropriate services to these children while upholding human dignity, regardless of their religion, race, nationality, or ethnicity.

How Can You Help Us?

You can become a sponsor by registering on “Bemehrbani” and supporting one or more students, or you can become a founder by contributing a desired amount of money to support the institute’s activities that aim to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and adolescents and by participating in various campaigns.

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