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Darolekram Charity Institute

Public Utility

Quality Management System(QMS)

The institute has implemented a quality management system and obtained ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 10004, and SGS certifications to increase its operations’ efficacy and efficiency and transform it into an effective organization. In addition, Darolekram is attempting to obtain the proper certifications for its activities.

Organizational Charter

Darolekram carries out its activities per the twelve principles of its charter. The most important principles of this charter are preserving dignity, providing respectful services, all-around empowerment, 100% financial transparency and non-economic, non-governmental, non-political, and trans-religious activities.

Bemehrbani Startup

Darolekram founded “Bemehrbani” to update and expand its activities in remote areas, facilitate charitable activities, ensure financial transparency, and enhance audience satisfaction.

Financial Transparency

Darolekram has full financial transparency according to its charter. This means that it benefits from three levels of audit, including the financial experts of the organization, the audit company outside the organization and the annual audit by the official auditor.

The way we believe...

Believing and respecting the principle of “inherent human dignity” in all institute activities, especially those involving scholarship students, and providing respectful services with affection and without mental harassment.

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Latest News

Fatemeh became the champion of the martial arts competition

Fatemeh became the champion of the martial arts competition

She is a dedicated twelfth-grade student in the humanities field, residing in Shiraz with her family. She has been a…
Faezeh won the gold medal

Faezeh won the gold medal

Faezeh, a 10th-grade student in the science discipline, has recently won the gold medal in the karate championship at the…
Reza's treatment becomes easier

Reza's treatment becomes easier

Reza is a ninth-grade student who lives in Shush. He has been a member of the Darolekram Charity Institute for…

Darolekram’s Ambassadors

Collaborating Institutes

More than two decades of support for the education of gifted children and adolescents at risk of dropping out

More than two decades have passed since the beginning of Darolekram’s activity. During this time, we have always attempted to be transparent and responsive. Throughout this time, we have endeavored to be open and responsive. Darolekram’s mission is to enable gifted students to acquire the necessary skills without compromising their “human dignity.”


National & International Certificates

Darolekram has obtained numerous national and international certifications in recent years. ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 10004, and SGS are among the most significant certifications acquired.