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Since 2014, Darolekram has launched a startup called “Behmehrbani” to facilitate the provision of services.

Key features of Bemehrbani include the ability for anyone, regardless of location, to introduce talented students, the facilitation of communication between institutes, students, and benefactors, access to the latest news about Bemehrbani and students’ biographies, which are written and updated by social workers in the students’ panel, and the categorization of all financial documents and activity methods on the website.

What is “Bemehrbani”?

Bemehrbani is an online system launched to support children’s education who have dropped out of school or are a drop-out risk. All members of the Darolekram family, including students, sponsors, founders, social workers and volunteers, can use this website to facilitate their work.

One of the notable features of Bemehrbani is the Annual Behmehrbani” Award Ceremony held every year on November 29th, which is International Children’s Day. Bemehrbani honors all children’s rights activists during this ceremony for their commitment and work in the field of children’s rights issues.

Bemehrbani is honored to have the support of several prominent humanities professors in Iran, including Dr. Mohammad Reza Shafiei Kadkani, Mostafa Malekian, Hoshang Moradi Kermani, and Dr. Mohammad Ali Movahed.

Bemehrbani envisions a future where no student is required to drop out of school due to financial difficulties or is at risk.